There is a chain of events when it comes to being born with a talent in sport and turning that talent into a successful career. First, you start with nurturing the body with a healthy balanced diet and maintaining a disciplined regime in terms of getting enough sleep and overall good health. Then, there is your body that you have to keep physically fit to maintain a good physique.

Thus, when a sponsorship comes along, the talented athlete jumps to do whatever it takes to hold onto it. Knowing that not only does the sponsorship cover all of the hefty expenses with regards to maintaining a sportsman lifestyle, but it is an almost guaranteed shot at the pros.

Finally, when the athlete breaks into the professional sphere it is then that he/she most appreciates the sponsorship that was afforded them as now they are earning all the riches as a result of all their physical training and disciplined hard work.

For a pro athlete, one could not be in a more lucrative industry. Hence, whatever riches they make they will invest and grow their wealth. Now, it is no secret that the body ages quite rapidly and the lifespan of a professional athlete’s career is usually that of 5-10 years maximum. Rarely does one find a jewel that runs into a 10-15year lifespan in terms of career. So, retirement for a professional athlete usually will be well before the age of 40 years old. That age to the rest of the workforce that are in mainstream corporate careers is still relatively young as most people have about 20+ years to go before retirement!

Hence, establishment such as Unibet take up the opportunity to recruit retired athletes as brand ambassadors for them. The reason for this is that Unibet knows that a pro athlete represents a huge following and that their name alone, can drive business into a wealthy surplus. For example, in the last couple of years, The Unibet Sports Betting Magnate has recruited retired athletes such as horse racing legend Nicky Henderson and Formula 1 racer Mika Hakkinen. This then attracts loyal fans of these retired superstars to explore the Unibet Online platform. And because of their affluence and success in their previous careers, marketing them is easy. Hence Unibet are business savvy when it comes to recruiting these affluent retired athletes as they add value to the chain as a whole.

On the flip side, for example, if we then take a look at Hakkinen and the reason he came on board with Unibets, his reason amongst other’s is quite simple in that he would like to give his fans an insight of the F1 racing world through Unibets. Now it is no secret that he has made his millions already and that the incentives given to him by Unibets are just an added bonus to him. But the fact that he gets to mentor and speak about his passion to his loyal fans through Unibets is a huge part of the reason that he accepted the ambassadorship. Like many other of his colleague’s he was afforded a sponsorship during his career at one stage.

Now, even though his advice and insight to his fans through the Unibets platform does not count as sponsorship, it serves as a small token of appreciation for someone giving him a break through sponsorship earlier during his career.