For any athlete to get a sponsorship in today’s day and age, is somewhat of a God send. The appointed lifestyle that is required to maintain one’s permanency in any given arena is one that is extremely costly. Unfortunately, as stated by Wikipedia, athleticism falls into the category of the sport and wellness industry which accounts for an estimated US3.4trillion industry. One just has to make reference to the transfer of soccer star Christian Ronaldo of 100million Euros as referred to in the article “Cristiano Ronaldo for EUR100million at 33?Christian Ronaldo for €100million at 33 to see how lucrative the industry actually is.This then points out how crucial a financial sponsorship for an athlete is to be successful.

From personal experience, when I opted to make a change for the better and join a gym to pursue a healthier lifestyle, my expenses for the month nearly tripled. For example, all of a sudden my food bill increased as I was now buying organic unprocessed raw foods. Then, there were the extra supplements such as Creatine, amino acids, whey protein and super foods that were all recommended by my personal trainer. The gym fee, which was monthly and also the gym clothing that I needed all added up to a hellish expensive amount for an average Jane such as myself. Now bear in mind that this was not even for a competition or to pursue a career in becoming a professional athlete, with the goal of taking the gold at the Olympics that I endeavored to start this regime. Instead, it was merely to get fit and to be a healthier, better version of myself. Suddenly, things such as cable television, spa retreats, having my nails and hair done, girl’s night out, etc. all became a luxury to me. Hence, I needed to make a decision on what was more important and most of the things I gave up I could easily do without.

In many other situations, this is not the case. For example, a single mom who has a star soccer player to maintain that child’s necessities with regards to sports equipment, healthy nutritional foods, supplements and sports gear all adds up. Hence for that mom it is near impossible to be able to can afford everything her child dreams of. Likewise for the adolescent weightlifter who knows he has a gift but needs all the necessities that comes with his sport and cannot afford it.

Sponsorship for these athletes then becomes crucial for maintaining their momentum and growth in one particular sport. It is not just a once off accolade that these athletes aspire to. Instead it is a lifestyle. A career path fueled with the potential to be dynamic if given the proper tools to aid their sport. Sponsorship in the form of mentoring, money, equipment and any form of support acts as an incentive for these athletes to perform at their peak.

Thus, just to have talent and skill alone will not guarantee success in the world of sport. You need to have the full support that comes with having your body be your primary source of income. The physical shape you are in determines your performance and you can only perform well if you are geared with the full Monty in terms of nutrition, supplements, sports gear and mental training as well. All of which is predominantly supplied through a sponsorship.