If you are an athlete who is seeking sponsorship, you need to understand the basics of writing a proposal. Think of a proposal as the introduction you give your potential sponsor. This means that your proposal should be well thought of and properly written. Some of the things that you should not miss on your proposal are:


You need to introduce yourself clearly. Tell your sponsor who you are and why you have decided to approach them for sponsorship. You also need to tell the sponsor why you have chosen them, and what makes them stand out as potential partners. In the introduction, you need to indicate qualities about you that you think stand out in your athleticism and make you a good candidate for sponsorship.


Your proposal should summarise what you intend to do with the sponsorship. It should basically answer the question: “What will you do with the sponsorship and why do you need the sponsorship?”

Your potential sponsor should be able to read your objectives and know exactly what you expect of them, and how you will both benefit from the sponsorship.

Why it Matters

Even though most organisations have started understanding the benefits of sports, you still have to prove to them that they are engaging in a good cause when they sponsor you as an athlete. Your proposal should have a part where you are justifying your need for sponsorship and showing that you are not the only one who will benefit.


A proposal must have a budget. Having you sponsorship showing your ad in the Euro 2020 venues can be very expensive to start with. This is where you break down how much you are seeking from the sponsor. You also give an explanation on how you will use every amount you are given. You must show full accountability when writing the budget, and the figures must add up. If you are not sure of how to go about writing budgets, you can use a consultant.